A floorplan of aceartinc.
aceartinc.’s main gallery is 1426 square feet, and has 13′ foot ceilings. The dimensions of the gallery are 44′ 7″ x 36′ 4″ , 44′ 7″ x 30′ 10″. The space also features 20 electrical outlets, which line the walls and pillars.
Studio 1/The Project Room is 350 square feet, has 13′ foot ceilings,  measures at 14′ 10″ x 24′ 6″, and has five electrical outlets.

Our space has one genderless restroom, a kitchenette, and a small storage room available for use. We have a limited supply of hardware and tools available; please inquire regarding your specific needs and we will do our best to accommodate them.