Your annual membership assists in the research, development, presentation, dissemination, and interpretation of contemporary art in Canada. Please note that our membership benefits are currently under review as we continue our work of realigning our organization.

Members receive:
  • Studio visits. ace’s staff will be available to conduct studio visits for all current members. This by no means precludes those practicing artists/thinkers/creators without studio space.
  • E-newsletters that keep you informed of exhibitions, submission calls, workshops, artist talks, recently published essays, and more.
  • Voting privileges at Annual General Meetings
  • Exhibit in our annual members’ show.

Smelloons by Sarah Keller | Carte Blanche 2019 | Photo by Brianna Wentz
Two people performing shibari, Japanese bondage, in an art gallery.
Shibari performance by Erin and Sara | Carte Blanche 2019 | Photo by Brianna Wentz

Purchase Annual Membership – $25

Memberships may be purchased through PayPal or by cheque (or cash in person) to:

aceartinc., 206 Princess Street, Winnipeg, MB R3G 1L4 Canada

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