aceartinc. is a space for creative expression, collaboration, and idea-sharing, characterized by play, openness to new ideas and perspectives.

aceartinc. is an Artist-Run Centre located in the Exchange District of Winnipeg, Canada.

Founded in 1983, aceartinc. exhibits 5 major exhibitions a year by contemporary visual artists. We welcome submissions to our open calls from all emerging contemporary artists and curators working in any media.

The gallery also runs several ongoing projects and hosts numerous one-offs. This Artist-Run Centre is passionate about the work being produced by contemporary artists and arts writers and critics in Canada and abroad. Many successful, well-known and not-so-well-known Canadian artists have shown work at ace early in their careers – we are an established (but not establishment) part of the unique ecosystem of Canadian contemporary art.

Founding members: Donna Jones, Douglas Melnyk, Larry Glawson, Janice Dehod, Gail Noonan, Vern Hume, Pauline See, Lorraine Wright, Gord Arthur, Karen Busby.

Our Mission

aceartinc. is a space for creative expression, collaboration, and idea-sharing, characterized by play, openness to new ideas and perspectives. We are always evolving, learning as a community, and serving as a community gathering space. We envision:

Creating a diverse, mature, and nurturing arts community in which artists can feel free to express themselves and receive constructive feedback.

We strive to:

  • Create a space for everyone to participate in the conversation. 
  • Facilitate growth and practice discernment in situations of conflict.


Space: To maintain a physical space for the public where exploration of the ideas and materials of contemporary art are facilitated through exhibition, events, critical writing, and dialogue.

Art: To support the emergence, development, production and exhibition of contemporary art by local and national artists at all levels, with a focus on emerging artists and artists who have not presented in a solo exhibition before.

Professional Development: To provide concrete opportunities for the professional development of artists, writers, curators, gallery workers, volunteers and members.

Resources: To facilitate artistic research and development by making available the resources, library and archives of the centre.

Dissemination: To communicate aceartinc. ’s activities and programs locally, nationally and internationally through press release, invitation, and dissemination of educational and critical materials.

Dialogue: To provide a forum for dialogue and new ideas in contemporary art.

Curation and Peer Adjudication: To be proactive in achieving programming goals by balancing peer adjudication with curation.

Community Relations: To ensure a strong connection with the Winnipeg Arts community through our willingness to partner with individuals, groups and other organizations. 

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