Cam Scott | Interim Program Director

Cam Scott (he/him) is a poet, critic, and sound artist from Winnipeg, Canada, Treaty 1 territory. He is artistic director of send + receive, a festival of sound art and experimental music.  His books include the poetry collection ROMANS/SNOWMARE (ARP Books, 2019), part of an ongoing project of language-based social collage, and THE VANISHING SIGNS (ARP Books, 2022), a collection of critical writing on experimental literature and social space. As an improviser and performer he has performed around the world and participated in many recordings in a variety of collaborations and groups.

Breanne Siwicki | Director of Finance and Administration

Breanne (she/her) grew up on Treaty 1 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Minnesota in 2017, before returning to Winnipeg to complete her MFA at the University of Manitoba School of Art in 2019. Breanne studied photography, working on embedding colour into black and white prints. She has also worked with Polaroid to create installations from scanned manipulated images. A multidisciplinary artist, Breanne recently shifted her focus to ceramics. She currently works out of her studio within the Manitoba Institute of Sculptors and Artists, to which she serves as Vice President.

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