• 3 steps to the front door (handrail not installed yet, but on the way)
  • wheelchair accessible door through the door at 216 Princess Street; call 204-944-9763 to let staff know you’re here, staff will meet you at the door of 216 to let you in.
  • the exterior door of 216 has a button to open the door automatically
  • ramp in the lobby of 216 leads to an interior entrance to our space; this door does not have a button so staff can assist with the door
  • There is one more door, separating a small common area with bathrooms, and our space. This door does not have a button either so staff can assist with this door as well.
  • We have 3 washrooms. 1 is in our space, it is not wheelchair accessible. 2 more washrooms are located in an area shared with the neighbouring storefront. There is 1 washroom that is wheelchair accessible, but it does not open automatically. Staff can assist with the door if requested.

We’re learning how to make our space more accessible to our community. To let us know how we can improve, please call us at 204-944-9763 or email us at

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