Among the Falling Stars: Megwe-aya’iing anangoog gaa-bangishimowaad | Michel Dumont

A close up view of the mouth of a bear sculpture. The bear is covered in brightly coloured tiles.

April 1 – May 7, 2022

Opening: April 1, 7-10 pm 
Virtual Artist Talk: May 5, 7 pm via Zoom 

It began with a box of discarded vintage Italian tile. I made natural scenes in rough geometric shapes. With time, trial and error, stories took shape.

The tile speaks of the terrazzo floors built by my Italian neighbours. It tells of mining, asbestos, and the hazardous chemicals required to achieve vivid permanent colours. 

From these stories, I broke, smashed, and carved them into something new. I tell my own stories, and those of the animals of this region articulating the scars, chips, and scrapes we bear from survival in this colonial reality.

My disabilities pose unique challenges to my practice. I must rest my injured spine often. A heavy gas mask protects my hyper-sensitive immune system. 

My reality of being a disabled, queer, urban-Indigenous trauma survivor encompasses every inch of this work. The silver lining is the zen pain-free state I can achieve during high-focus work sessions. From this work comes both pain and medicine; beauty from the broken.

Thank you to the Ontario Arts Council for their support with exhibition assistance.

Michel Dumont is a queer Metis two-spirited disabled artist, and survivor of intergenerational trauma stemming from Indian Day School. He currently resides in Thunder Bay. He works in wearable art, using packing tape, mylar, cellophane and LED lights.

Photos by Karen Asher | 2022

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This exhibition was originally selected for the 2020-2021 programming year, but postponed due to the closure of the gallery during the pandemic. The jury which selected these exhibitions included: Mariana Muñoz Gomez, Hassaan Ashraf, Annie Beach, Liam Zarillo, and Tani Miki.

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