Solo Exhibition at aceartinc, “Trace of Freedom”

Exhibition at aceartinc, Trace of Freedom

aceartinc. is pleased to present Trace of Freedom, an upcoming solo exhibition by Grace Han. 

Exhibition Timeline: November 24-December 22 2023


Grace Han is a ceramic artist originally trained in South Korea. She received her BFA from Dankook University where she specialized in traditional Korean ceramic techniques and skills. She received her MFA from University of Manitoba in 2016 and has been pursuing her career as a ceramic artist in Canada.

This solo exhibition experienced multiple delays due to the impact of COVID-19, resulting in a significantly different installation compared to my original proposal from five years ago. In the midst of these changes, I underwent a series of relocations between provinces and the process of letting go, as I sought answers about my identity as a newcomer in Canada.

“When I initially conceptualized this project, I yearned to break free from the sense of “Betweenness” that burdened me, craving a taste of genuine freedom. Regrettably, that sense of freedom remained elusive. However, in the midst of the COVID-19 challenges and my relocations, I began to perceive “Betweenness” in a more positive light. This shift offered me a newfound sense of freedom, even though it’s a fluctuating experience. I’ve come to terms with the idea that these feelings of “Betweenness” and “Freedom” are ongoing and interconnected.

 This exhibition showcases a mix of my past works and my current exploration of the theme of “Freedom.” It also includes my performance art, which has been adapted from my original proposal five years ago. The entire installation combines both my past and present artistic endeavours, providing a comprehensive representation of my journey.”

Grace’s work is a deep exploration of the nuances and complexity of being “between”: living as a Canadian Newcomer from Asia; having a slight physical frame but possessing an indomitable boldness; and as a ceramic artist trained in the Korean tradition who is seeking to marry it to her own originality. She calls this practice “Betweenness”.

Betweenness shows itself in how Han makes both large-scale works and also small repetitive porcelain pieces. She creates large-scale works using the Onggi technique, which requires tremendous physical work in the making process because it involves coil/slab building, paddling, and throwing on a kick wheel. This process releases the negative emotions possessed within her inner spaces and allows her to breathe in. In contrast to the Onggi-making, she makes small porcelain objects repetitively to keep her hands busy. In this calm process, she can bring some organization to her ideas and thoughts that are all tangled in her head.

Interaction with her work is akin to having a deep conversation with her true self. The more interactivity and freedom for the audience to express their ideas, the more direct and meaningful the conversation. Since her work acts as an honest expression of herself, she can have an authentic conversation and direct interaction with the audience. Through these conversations she begins to feel the differences between her and others melt away and she feels less like an outsider.

Opening Reception: Friday November 24, 6PM – 9PM

Exhibition run: November 24 – December 22, 2023

Gallery hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 12-5PM

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